Searching for my first internship in the aviation industry. inscrit sur

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International and enthusiastic Aeronautical Engineering student looking for aircraft design internship for 2018. Looking to get practical experience in aviation industry.

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Searching for my first internship in the aviation industry.

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2 e année Currently in second year of Aeronautical Engineering Bachelor degree in Inholland University of Applied Sciences

Ecole : InHolland University of Applied Sciences

2628 Delft nl

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durée : 6 months

de : 2018-09-01 à : 2018-03-01

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Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering, Inholland University of AppliedSciences, Delft, NetherlandsSeptember 2016 – Present
Pre-University Education, St Joseph’s Pre- University College,Bangalore, IndiaJuly 2014 – April 2016...

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Dear reader,
I am a smart and application oriented 2nd year student of Aeronautical Engineering in Inholland University, Netherlands.
I am passionate about big birds, their design and working and am looking for an opportunity to gain practical experience and develop skills in the fields of aerodynamics, aircraft design and/or manufacture.
I am hard working and have been passionate and eager to succeed in this field since I was a science student in school.
I hope you will help me...