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Trilingual Modelling & Simulation Systems Engineer

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Numerical Modelling & Simulation

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5 e année

Ecole : Université bordeaux / MATMECA-ENSEIRB

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durée : +6mois

de : 2015-11-30 à : 2016-05-31

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Trilingual Modelling & Simulation Systems Engineer
PERSONAL STATEMENTModelling & Simulation Engineer with Comprehensive knowledge of Finite Element Analysis techniques using a varietyof software, as well as strong mathematics and physics skills. Easy going by nature and able to get along with bothwork colleagues and senior managers, interested in integrating into a research and product development role.SKILLSLanguages C, C++, Fortran90, Object-oriented Python and LatexProgramming OpenMP (Open Multi-Processing)Software COMSOL Multiphysics, ANSYS Workbench, Matlab, Abacus, Plaxis 2D, FreeFem, ScilabScientificcomputingfinite-volume method, finite difference, finite element analysis,...

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Dear Sir,As a recent motivated master graduate, I look forward to pursue my career in top-ranking and leading organization. I am writing this letter, as I am highly interested in Modelling & Simulation engineer internship at your company. I do believe that working in a dynamic work atmosphere with talented and motivated employees would be an ideal environment for me and would give me the opportunity to develop myself further.I had a great opportunity to gain experience and work in the field ...